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San Francisco is the birthplace of the fighting for diversity and we know that the problem is not only in the difference but the lack of conviviality with what’s different. In this project we discussed and agreed that a plural world breaks down prejudices with knowledge. But how do you make people believe that too? Or what a vodka’s brand can do? 


To understand what kind of purpose SKYY VODKA could really work on it in Brazil we delve deeply on their roots: San Francisco. The vodka was born there in the 90’s and arrived in Brazil in 2000. We realized that was genuine to bring this fresh way of freedom from SF and mix it with the Brazilian culture to explore and work together on diversity by LGBTQIA+ issues.


I worked for the Campari Group in Brazil creating the social purpose and the new campaign, with includes a beautiful video hero and a national digital and OOH operation to reposition the brand leading the diversity on the beverages category by the slogan “Free as San Francisco”. From that we also created the “Guia Livre (The Free Guide)” - a free guide for the community of safe bars and restaurants trained to make the whole experience as it right and “Eu Falo Por Mim (I Speak for Myself)” - a serie of videos with people sharing their stories and beliefs. During this time I continuously worked with different social movements and underground collectives that have gender and diversity as their purpose, supporting and engaging them to the brand.


In the same period I had the honor to co-criate, curate and programming the initiative of “Casa Ponte (The Bridge’s House)”:  a space aimed for LGBTQIA+ community and allies that open the doors for for than an experiment, but to beginning of a great movement in a bold space with an intense program such as Voguing class, LGBTQIA+ movies, talks, workshops, art installations and celebs like Jamie Clayton.