Because of my big involvement on carnival

I was invited by Apple to debut in their first Brazilian campaign: Selfies on Iphone X.


It was an amazing time in Rio de Janeiro with the singer Iza creating this whole atmosphere that you only can find in a street carnival experience in Brazil.

Click here to watch the video hero.
Click here to watch the campaign video.



Mulher de Negócios com Máscara


Since I'm always passionate about transforming the cities in a more affective place for living, I was invited by TNT Energy Drink to create a new project for São Paulo. Knowing some of the obstacles that bikers have in town I decided to create a new shape for a bike rack: a heart. São Paulo already have some bike lines (not enough) but there's no places to lock your bike. I like to play with the spaces and spread dozens of them around the city.

Click here to watch it!


I was invited by OLYMPIKUS and the fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch to create a guide with my favorite places in São Paulo. To launch the OLYMPIKUS Crew collection they created an amazing video directed by Hick Duarte showing a teaser of the spaces and also other artists invited. 

Click here to read the guide.