Art & Creative Direction

Strategic Plan 


I create narratives and experiences aiming the reconnection: first, for people with their inner emotions. Than, with the city, occupying places envisioning the imagination of possible worlds. And there’s no place like heaven as carnival to make it happen.


In this oniric and realistic role, I am the Carnavalesco: the person who feels, imagine and plan the experience. My passion is about to identify the zeitgeist and create all the atmosphere around the message we spread every year as a platform for cultural and politics issues, addressing actions that 

engages transformation through music, costumes, painting, urban interventions, art and cathartic experiences that I design. 


Tarado Ni Você is a project by a collective of artists/ thinkers/activists that redesigned the aesthetics of Brazilian street carnival. With almost 10 years, the project celebrates the vast work of singer and composer Caetano Veloso and annually brings more than one hundred and fifty thousand people through São Paulo's city streets. 


Dancing, dressed and painted up like new beings , we bring color to São Paulo city inviting the public to build an live this narratives together. For me, carnival is about social and affection revolution having the body and all the questions related on the center of the experience. Is about to supply and externalize the pressure of such an oppressive, capitalist, prejudiced and fanatically religious world in which we live. It’s about using body, heart and mind collectively to create a cathartic moment to feel, visualize and realize things that are outside the screen. 

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