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B&J's arrived in Brazil in 2014 with a big and respected history of activism around the world. My first mission was to introduce, create and connect the brand social purpose on social movements and clusters acting on Public Occupation, LGBTQIA+ and Climate Change issues, creating a true relation and value to the brand by supporting real causes and urgent initiatives.

To make it happen I worked with all related marketing/social media/creative teams developing creative and strategic ideas and campaigns, such as Free Cone Day, Love Is Progress, Marriage at a Ice Cream Store. I also created a huge data base of activists connected to the brand, helping them to achieve their goals by understanding their real needs and amplifying their voices through  the brand's reach and strength in the media: Parque Minhocão, A Batata Precisa de Você, Paulista Aberta and Parque Augusta - that after a decade of fighting and no stop working was considered as a park, restored and given as a gift to the city in 2021 by mayor Bruno Covas. I would include the campaign "If it's melted, it's ruined" (Se derreter, melou!) in which we partnered with AVAAZ and some influencers to gather thousands of signatures, put the screws on world leaders to discuss Climate Justice, and bring people together on the street to march on the same day across the world.

By this way I transformed brand lovers into activists adding value to the product in its category within purchasing decision factor. I also granted my image to all audiovisual content and to some local campaigns and became their official Social Artist during the first years of the brand in Brazil.

It was a really and nice time close to Jerry and the whole team based on their mantra:  "If it's not fun, why do it?"