I’m a 40 years old LGBTQIA+, creative leader & director, journalist, cultural researcher, strategist and social artist. Working on communication for almost 20 years. Developing, creating and executing innovative ways for brands to be seen, heard and interacted with. I am always rising to new challenges. Helping brands communicate their story and positive impact on society, address strategic priorities and reach goals through dynamic solutions based on connection, cultural and social changes.

My expertise also includes scan, spot and strengthening relationships between brands and their post-purpose, CSR, community, partnerships opportunities, serving as spokesperson for media outlets, events and campaigns, collaboration to create products, brand contents and experiences. Advocating for diversity focusing on LGBTQIA+ issues.


I also study the heart as a strong technology to rebuild us as powerful humans and creators, using art to design experiences to reconnect people with their inner emotions, creating new ways of socialization.